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Product Review: Great Expectations Fitball Pregnancy DVD


i know i have less than two weeks to go until we meet my new baby, but i thought i would review a DVD that i have been using throughout this and my last pregnancy. “Great Expectations: Fitball Pregnancy Program” was designed by a physiotherapist who is also a fitness leader, so I felt comfortable that all the exercises would be appropriate for me during my pregnancy.

This is a workout that combines low impact cardio with some great toning work, and being done on the fitball means that in particular, your core gets a workout. I find that this is one of the key ways i can minimise back pain as i lug my giant babies around (Stephen was over 9 pounds/4 kgs, and looks like this little girl will be up around that weight as well!!). As per usual with prenatal workouts, pelvic floor exercises are also included.

What I really, really liked about this DVD was that i felt like i was getting a proper workout, even breaking into a mild sweat, whereas a lot of prenatal DVDs are more yoga orientated, which are great when you want a more relaxing program, but not when you want to do some safe cardio.

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