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Product Review: Benefit Makeup


Recently I received an unexpected package in the mail. It turns out that I had entered a competition a while ago, and while I didn’t win the main prize, I won a selection of Benefit makeup goodies. In my package was Realness of Concealness, RosieTint and BadGirl mascara. I have never used Benefit products before, but I think I have found a new favourite! All three of the products have become the new basis of my 5 minute face. All I need to add is a swipe of gloss and a puff of powder and I am done.

Realness of Concealness is a little compact that Benefit calls its “mini fake-it kit” and I couldn’t agree more. The kit contains

Using just three of the products took my face from obviously tired, to looking totally refreshed, in just 30 seconds. A quick swipe of Ooh la lift under the eyes, with Boi-ing concealer patted over the top completely banished my undereye circles. Lemonaid, smoothed on the eyelids instead of eyeshadow, took away any redness and blotchiness. Every mother suffering from sleep deprivation needs to add this kit into their makeup bag.

PosieTint is a lip and cheek stain in a lovely shade of poppy pink. 3 little swipes on each cheek rubbed in quickly gave my cheeks that rosy glow that looks like it comes from within. Paint on your lips for a perky pink stain that lasts all day without drying out. I like to top it with some clear gloss or lipbalm for some shine.

Badgirl Lash mascara is good, but to be perfectly honest, not much different to most other mascaras out there. It is really black, and thickens and lengthens. But so do plenty of others for cheaper. However, I got it for free, and I do like it, so this will be my mascara for the next 3 months.

Putting all of this on truly takes less that 5 minutes and requires no tools except fingers; I’ve packed these into a little makeup pouch so I can do my face on the go on those rushed mornings. I may not have one first prize in the competition, but I still struck gold!

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