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Product Review: Aromatherapy Associates Rose Hydrating Face Mask


I received this sample sized Rose Hydrating Face Mask by Aromatherapy Associates in August’s Lust Have It box, and I have been converted! As you know, I try (and often fail!) to give myself a facial once a week, but lately with everything going on, this has been one thing that has often fallen by the wayside. After spending the almost all of the last week at the hospital with Nick’s seriously ill grandfather, the emotional toll combined with a week of eating whatever could be grabbed from hospital vending machines had left my face looking and feeling pretty ravaged. So, with a half hour block carved out, I started with my regular Philosophy exfoliating peel, then decided I needed something ultra hydrating to follow, and this mask seemed to fit the bill.

The description stated:

A deeply hydrating mask to restore vital moisture to dry skin. Aloe vera and Sodium Hyalauronate, renowned for their hydrating properties, are combined with damask rose water, distilled from Bulgarian roses, in a cooling, transparent mask to bring radiance and vitality to dry complexions.

The mask itself was not what I was used to in a hydrating mask. I am used to relatively thick and creamy masks that feel comforting on the skin, while this was a colourless and transparent gel; but, oh, it felt like heaven on this skin. Smoothing it on, it was indeed cooling as they described, and soothed my frazzled skin in just the way it needed. The fragrance is beautiful, but very light so would be  perfect for those sensitive to perfumes. It smells exactly like rosewater, rather than roses.  It said to leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off, but honestly, after less than 5 minutes, it had completely sunk into my skin, and left it feeling a bit tight, so I rinsed off at that point. I have to say, at this moment, I wasn’t entirely convinced; the tight feeling left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed, I must say. After following with my usual skincare, though, OMG! My skin was glowing and plumped up, and looked as if the last week had never happened. And the next day, my skin looked even better again!

I also love that this mask is made with natural ingredients. Its star ingredients are Damask rose water and aloe vera, but it also includes sodium hyalauronate (a natural hydrator), while not including any parabens, glycols, colourants or perfumes. It is also vegan, and GM ingredient free.

I would definitely buy this if I could, but I haven’t yet found an Australian stockist, or someone who ships here. If you have seen it somewhere, please let me know!

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