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Product Review: Aerin Lauder Rose Balm Lipstick


I have had a serious girl crush on Aerin Lauder for nearly a decade, ever since I worked for a few of the Lauder companies, and embarrassingly, by devotion only grows as I get older. So, naturally, I was very excited when she decided to branch out on her own and launch her own beauty range, which has now developed into a full blown lifestyle brand. While unfortunately I can not afford her unbelievably gorgeous homewares, I have tried out a number of her cosmetics, and I have been blown away! My undeniably favourite product, though, has to be her recently released Rose Balm Lipstick.

Launched at the end of 2012 with a core range of Essentials, the Aerin Beauty collection is a curated, tightly edited range of products designed with the modern woman in mind. Each season she usually releases a colour palette (I have four so far, and am looking forward to her next one!), together with co-ordinated lip and cheek colours, that work back with her Essentials (shown above), which are everyday, all-year round basics. This season, however, she released a whole collection of lipsticks instead, and since I bought my four shades, I honestly have not used another brand of lipstick since.

As described on the Aerin website:

A collection of 10 effortless shades, curated by Aerin. Features a luxe balm texture, medium coverage and a shine finish, they help protect lips the way a flower protects its delicate petals, with a natural wax that helps seal in moisture.

While all that may be pure marketing speak, it is not far off from reality. The texture is just gorgeous on the lips and while it does feel like a light balm, it is reasonably pigmented, giving me medium coverage and decent staying power. The lipsticks are scented with a soft rose fragrance, but it is in no way overwhelming. The collection of ten colours ranges from the lightest nude through to a deep wine, with a sprinkling of brighter colours in between. I invested in two natural shades, Perfect Nude and Liebling, a bright rose pink, Geranium, and the deep wine colour, Wild Lilac (shown below from L-R).

Perfect Nude is, as its name suggests, a nude colour that could very well be perfect on most people. It is a true nude, not skewing too warm or too cool, and I could really imagine it being the perfect nude colour for many, many skin tones. This is the colour I most often use on weekends, or when I a doing a smoky eye.

Liebling is my holy grail, every day lipstick. On my lips, it still wears as a nude, with a touch more coolness compared to Perfect Nude and this suits my skin tone and my wardrobe colours to a tee. Liebling has a slightly different texture to the other three colours, with an almost semi-matte finish with a hint of shimmer, compared with the true cream texture of the others.

Geranium is a gorgeous bright rose pink, and perfect for days when I want a pop of colour on my lips. This is an incredibly flattering shade, and again, because it is not too cool or too warm, I think it would be great on a really wide range of skin tones.

Wild Lilac was my final choice, and bought mostly as an evening lipstick. It looks quite scary in the tube, but on the lips, wild lilac is an incredibly wearable deep berry shade. I also plan to wear this occasionally as a day colour in winter, when rich berry shades on the lips can look really appealing.

As I said earlier, since buying these, I really haven’t used any other lipsticks, they are that good, and the four colours I chose almost make up a perfect lipstick wardrobe. I do have my eye on Coral Sand for summer, though! It really looks like a perfect summer colour to go with tanned golden skin. Once I have that, then my lipstick wardrobe will be complete!!

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