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Organizing Revolution Week 3: Closet


It’s hard to believe, but here in Oz, we are now over half way through our long summer break. Where has the time gone? Well, gone it has, and we are now up to week 3 of the Organizing Revolution and that meant tackling our closets. 

Accessories are my favourite thing when it comes to fashion, and that means that I have amassed a pretty healthy collection of of them. I am also one of those people that needs to have it out in plain sight, or I forget what I have! All of this is great for my outfit choices, but no so great when it means having a tidy and organised closet where I can actually find what i want, when I want.  My solution was to utilise as much vertical wall space as possible to display all my baubles.

My first step was to remove a shelf to create a vanity area of sorts. I then placed a number of 3M Command hooks on the three walls of the cubby. The left and middle walls now hold all my short and medium length necklaces, while the right wall holds various flower clips and pins (main pic, and top 2 pics). On the floor of the cubby, I have various hair pins and combs, and a number of trays that hold rings, earrings, brooches, scarf rings, gloves and watches. I also have two perspex jewellery stands (bottom left pic) that hold bracelets, dangly earrings and some neckpieces that don’t fit on the walls. Lastly, I have a section of small triangular cubbies right next to my jewellery “vanity” that are useless for almost anything else, but are perfect for my bangles (bottom right). It looks like a jumbled mess in the pic, but is actually divided with plastic dividers into a section for enamel bangles, resin and plastic bangles, wooded bangles, and the rest.


On the wall right in the entry to my walk in closet I have again used 3M Command hooks to hang all of my long necklaces. I have to admit, I don’t think I gave myself enough space here – ever since discovering how flattering long necklaces are on a large bust, these are pretty much all I buy now – but this is all the space I had, so it will have to do!!

Right outside the door to my closet, I (again!) used 3M Command hooks (I really should have been sponsored by them, don’t you think!!) to hang all of my current season scarves. I love, love, love scarves, especially long ones, and I know it is so much more space efficient to store them folded on a shelf, but as I said earlier, I really need to see them right in my face! My off season scarves are folded on a shelf, as are my collection of Hermes silk scarves, which I store in their original orange boxes (seen at the far right of the pic).

Lastly, opposite my walk in wardrobe, I have my shoe and handbag closet. This is meant to be the linen closet, and I did use half of it for that purpose for a while, but I think it looks much nicer filled with shoes and bags!!  Where possible, I keep my bags in their dust covers, and my shoes in their original shoe boxes. In the case of the shoes, doing this means I can fit about a third more shoes in the cupboard than I can if I took them out of the boxes. The shoes are organized by style and function. The top shelf holds my evening shoes, since they are only worn occasionally. The next shelf has my patterned and colour heeled sandals, with the shelf below that holding my neutral (nude, black, tan)  heeled sandals. The following two shelves have my flats (sandals, ballets and loafers), and the shelf after has my closed toe heels. I plan to swap this shelf with the heeled sandal shelf when winter comes. Finally, the bottom of the closet holds my boots. By organizing the shoes in this way, it not only makes it very easy to find what I want, it also means that I always have a handle on what I’ve got, and I don’t end up buying shoes that are similar to ones I already have.

See you all next week for another adventure in organizing!!


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