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Name Your Price Sale at Brocante Home


I don’t usually point you towards sales here at Chic Mummy, but this time I had to make an exception. Alison at Brocante Home has all sorts of vintage inspiration for homemakers, and for someone like me who struggles with homemaking on a daily basis, I’ve found her “vintage scrumptiousness” take on it a serious help.  Until tonight, you can name your price on all her downloads in her shop, or you can subscribe to all her downloads for a year as a Housekeeping Superstar (including everything already in her shop) which is usually $99, but during the sale, you can pay over three installments.  I am already a Housekeeping Superstar, and have not regretted it for one second – in fact, I am like a little kid when I see another missive from Alison in my inbox! So head here before tonight (Tuesday) and add some scrumptiousness to your homemaking!

Plus, stay tuned; over the next few days I will upload all the photos from Irini’s Fairy Garden Party – the last few weeks have been all about planning and executing this – hence my absence!!

PS: This is not an ad and I am not receiving anything for it; Alison doesn’t even know I am writing it – I just love her stuff that much!!

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