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Mask Monday: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask


I love using face masks, and they are an integral part of my self care rituals. As I mentioned in my October Empties post, I am using a face mask on an almost daily basis(!) but most of those days it is just a quick express treatment often done in the shower. On a Sunday night, however, once I’ve done all my prep for the week ahead, I will take 30-40 minutes for myself, and take a bath while relaxing with a DIY facial. Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you the different face masks I’m trying with the Mask Monday series.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask for Intense Hydration

I love sheet masks! Maybe its the Asian in me (they are an Asian invention, after all!), but I just find there is something incredibly satisfying about applying a sheet mask, looking like a monster for 15 minutes, and then peeling it off to reveal (hopefully) amazing looking skin! So, I was thrilled when Neutrogena finally launched their Hydro Boost Masks here in Australia. At $19.99 for a box of 5 (but often available on sale at Priceline), this is an incredibly affordable choice in the range of sheet masks available. And while I am sure that the long term results are not *quite* as comparable to, say, the SKII mask that retails for $28, for just $4.00 a mask I was very happy with the HydroBoost one.

This mask is very easy to apply, as all sheet masks are! Quick and easy, no mess, what more could a busy mum ask for? The mask fit my face very well, with a little bit of stretching to get the mouth to fit in the right place. The way it is designed, I think it would be quite flexible for most face shapes.
According to Neutrogena, it contains Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Extract, and an Ionic Mineral Complex.

After applying, I scared my children (let’s just say their comments were not exactly flattering) and then took a nice lie down for 20 minutes, that may have included a little nap.  The fragrance is similar to other products in the HydroBoost range, not overpowering, just a nice clean and fresh smell.

After my little nap, I peeled off the mask, and then massaged in the product that was remaining on my skin. My skin was plump and glowing, and I didn’t feel that I needed to apply any of my regular night products, other that my eye cream. The next my morning, my skin looked even better, and I even got a comment from hubby that my skin was looking really good (I think that alone might push this product into miracle territory!).

I have normal/combination skin – I get an oily T-zone, and my cheeks range from normal, to occasionally a bit dehydrated, depending on the weather or what I am doing. I have used this mask on three separate occasions now, and in all cases, my skin looked and felt visibly better not only immediately, but the next day at well. The first time I tried it, my skin was nice and balanced before hand. It didn’t send my oily areas into over drive, and seemed to nicely hydrate my skin all over.

The second time, I had caught a little bit too much sun at my daughter’s sports carnival; not an actual burn, but I could feel my skin feeling somewhat dehydrated, tight and looking pink. The mask felt so soothing, especially on the sun hit areas, and after the mask was removed, my skin felt smooth and supple, and the tight, slightly pink areas had completely returned to normal. Come the heat of summer, I can imagine this mask would feel great if used after putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so.

Finally, I used it last night, which followed a week where I had been so busy and tired that I let my usual night routine slip a little, so my skin was not feeling the best. This time I combined it with my Sanctuary 30 Day Youth Revolution Glycolic mask (reviewed here) just to give my skin a real boost and pick me up after a week of somewhat neglect! The combination really helped rebalance my skin, and bring it back to looking its best.

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