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Kid’s Easter Craft Tutorials


I just made these quick, easy and frugal Easter crafts with Stephen, and he loved them. For once, I was able to drag him away from drawing and playdough!

Easter Basket

1 Paper plate
Assorted items to glue on – i had feathers, foam shapes, scraps of tissue paper and cellophane, and a few other bits for Stephen to pick from
3 – 4 eggs cut out of construction paper
From the base of the paper plate, cut out a semicircle, and then glue this to the remaining semi-circle to create a pocket. Make sure you leave a section of the semicircle near the flat edge unglued so you can slip things into the pocket.
Decorate the plate, and then slip in the Easter eggs into the pocket.
Easter Egg

Cut out an egg shape from a piece of paper (I used a piece of printer paper) and fold in half length wise. Unfold, and paint on dots of paint in different colours. Refold paper in half, and press firmly, smoothing your hands over the page to smear the paints (Stephen loved this bit even more than the painting itself!). Reopen, and leave to dry.

Easter Bunny

1 toilet roll

2 large hearts cut from construction paper
1 medium heart cut from construction paper
1 tiny pom pom
1 cotton wool ball
To make the ears, glue a medium heart to a large heart, and then glue this to the top of the toilet roll. Glue the cotton wool ball to the base for the tail.
Glue the remaining large heart upside down to the opposite top side of the toilet roll for the face. Glue on the tiny pompom for a nose, and then draw in the eyes and whiskers.
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