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Guest Post: 5 Tips To Make Make Up Storage Cleaning Easier Than Ever


I have been completely absent for ages, and for that I apologize! I promise to be back on board soon, but in the meantime, I have a wonderful guest post from Tilly Rose with 5 tips to make make-up storage cleaning easier than ever.

Do you often struggle with removing makeup stains from your furniture, make-up table or dresser? If you are experiencing some of these problems you should really consider the way you are storing your makeup. You can make your life and your cleaning much easier, if you just stored your make up the right way.

Depending on your storage preferences, there are a ton of ways you can store your make up and make sure everything is easier to clean. For example, if you like to keep your makeup in a drawer on your dresser, but do not have an organizational system, there is one very simple thing you can do to arrange your makeup drawer and make it easier to clean. Get yourself a kitchen utensils tray and separate your makeup in it, and put the tray in the drawer. This will get rid of the chaos in your drawer and make everything easier to find and clean.

And if you really do have too much makeup, I would suggest you buy yourself a hanging shoe organizer. Pick a door to hang it to – your closet door, your bathroom door, or you bedroom door and use it to organize all of your makeup tools and makeup products. This will leave you with more counter space and less clutter. Plus this way you can be sure that there will be no falling of your makeup and accidental spilling. They will be all neatly arranged hanging in their pockets.

On the other hand, if you hate keeping your makeup brushes out in the open where they can get dust all over them, you can store them in pencil boxes or old glasses cases. This will prevent them from getting dusty and then you spreading that dust all over your face. Plus, it will keep them from spreading makeup all over table.

And finally here is one trick that you probably knew nothing about. Did you know that you can make your own makeup brush cleaning spray? Mix distilled alcohol and water in a spray bottle, add drops of an essential oil or your choice, and you will have a makeup brush cleaning spray. Keep a piece of cloth with it, and keep them in your makeup storage space. This way after every use of your brushes you can spray them and clean them, so that they are always in clean and do not distribute makeup all over your storage space.

There is nothing prettier and satisfying than having neatly organized and clean makeup. To me at least there isn’t. And I have been struggling for a while until I found out the best storage method for me. It helped me enjoy putting my makeup on even more, and it makes cleaning my makeup storage space very easy. I use towel rods with baskets attached to them. I have separated my make up in them and they are close to my make up mirror, and I have no problems with the cleaning. Everything is neatly arranged and organized, and easy to maintain clean.

You can try my personal method, too, it can work for anybody.

Tilly is from London. She runs a small cleaning company called TenancyClean SW6

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