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Irini is in LOVE with ballet; she loves waltzing around the house, she loves her ballet class, and most of all, she loves wearing her ballet outfits. When she’s not pretending to be a princess or a superhero, she is pretending to be a ballerina.  Since she is still in kindydance (and not “real” ballet classes!), the kids are still allowed to wear what they want, which means a various assortment of tutus, princess and fairy outfits. Irini very quickly decided that she wanted a “ballanina” (her pronunciation!) costume, too, so for the last two years I have relied on an Australian brand, Flo Dancewear. I picked this brand since the clothes look like “real” ballet clothes and are all machine washable and breathable (despite being delightfully frilly and fluffy) and I have continued with it since Irini has grown out of her outfits, rather than wearing out of them, and they take some pretty heavy wear during the classes.

 This is the first outfit Irini wore. She still wears it occasionally (including today!), but it really has become way to short for her so I think it is probably about to become relegated to her costume rack. Not only is it adorably cute, but after nearly two years, it is still going strong. The tutu part of the dress has little diamantes scattered over it, and not one has fallen off, despite it being only machine washed.

This is the outfit I recently bought for Irini. It has more of a sylphide feel (for those of you who did ballet yourself) than her last tutu-y one, but it is still very beautiful and elegant with its shoestring straps. Little details like the straps crossing at the back so they don’t fall off make all the details. We have had the bolero since the last dress, but it’s more forgiving in size, so it still fits.

 If your little one is into less frilly ballet things, then Flo has a great range of more “casual” dance wear, like harem pants, jazz pants, tracksuits and basic leotards. If you are looking at buying some high quality but reasonably priced outfits for your baby ballerina, then I highly recommend checking out this great Australian brand.

Note, this is not a sponsored post, nor does Flo know that I am writing it.

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