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DIY Spa Beauty Recipes from Spa Magazine


I’ll admit it, I’m a beauty junkie, and if I could spend a few hours a day at my favourite day spa, I would. However, both from a time and money perspective, this is certainly not my reality! So I was totally excited when I found this collection of 17 DIY spa recipes from Spa Magazine.

I gave myself a little spa day yesterday while the kids were with my parents for a few hours. Yes, I could have done the laundry or mopped the floor, but I decided a couple of hours of self-care were just as important. I started with a full body scrub made with coffee, coconut and sugar. It smelt so yummy, definitetly good enough to eat! After rinsing it off, I popped on the Face Mask for Sensitive Skin, minus the royal jelly (since I didn’t have any) and then hopped into the spa for a nice long soak. I used their bath tea sachet recipe as a basis, except I cut back the quantities and stuck the mix into a clean stocking sock. Hey, it might not have looked as good as an organza sachet, but it worked!

An hour or so later, I was a different person inside and out!

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