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Diet Trap


I love fruit juice in all its forms – freshly squeezed especially, but any type will do. On average, I probably drink about 2 glasses a day. But did you know that fruit juice can be a huge diet pitfall? According to Slimming and Health magazine, freshly squeezed OJ has about 138kj, 7.3g of sugar and 2g fibre per 200ml. The magazine tested 11 juices available here in Australia (but I am assuming the results would be comparable with juices in other countries), and they started at 202kj going right up to 418kj and have up to 25g of sugars. To put that into perspective, 200ml of Coca Cola has 22g of sugar.

Catherine Saxelby, a noted nutritionist and author, recommends in her book Nutrition for Life that we should have no more than 125ml of juice each day; instead, eat the whole piece of fruit so that you can get the benefits of all the fibre, vitamins and nutrients that they contain.

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