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Busy, Busy, Busy!!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted in over a week, but we have finally moved house (almost!) completely, and I had no internet access until 10 minutes ago. I find that moving house is so exciting, full of new beginnings, new resolutions (especially for a messie like me!), finding places for everything. For me, in particular, it is the first time that I have had a house of my own. I lived with my parents until I got married, and then because DH and I were building, we moved straight into his parents’ house after the homeymoon. After having to fit all of our possessions into the upstairs section of their house (a lounge room and bedroom) with the excess being stored in my old bedroom at my parents’, having the luxury of space, and empty cupboards, and no set place put anything has been a lot of fun.

I am by nature a messy person, which has often caused friction between DH and I, as he was born neat from a family of incredibly neat people. I have been very careful in how I have set up this house, to try and make it easy for me to keep everything in its place. Two books I highly recommend for this are House Works: by Cynthia Townley Ewer, and Organising From the Inside Out, by Julie Morgenstern. Once everything is put away, I will be using a combination of techniques that I like from FlyLady and Sidetracked Home Executives to keep my house clean and in order.

I feel that being able to enter an ordered, clean and fresh house is very chic, helping all those who enter to feel caml and tranquil. Whereas entering a cluttered, untidy, messy house straight away puts you on edge. Also, having everything put in its place and a good system for housekeeping helps you to look more chic as well, as it is easy to find clean, pressed clothes at all times, rather than having to dig through the dirty washing pile, which I am ashamed to say I have done on numerous occassions in the past!

Once I am more settled, I will post some photos of the rooms that have been organised!

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