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Back to School Checklist and new Giveaway

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Can you believe it is back to school time already? It feels like we were just starting the summer holidays, and now it is the final countdown to the regular routine of school days (did anyone else start singing The Final Countdown by Europe, or am I showing my age?).  This year marks the first time I have both kids in full-time school. Gone are the annoying half-days (happy face!) but also gone are the weekdays spent with my little ones (sad face!). It also means that I now need to be super-organised – I don’t think flying by the seat of my pants is going to cut it any more…

This is my back-to-school checklist, available for you to download and print.

Otherwise, you can access it here.  And now, to my giveaway!  So that Irini can tell her bag apart from everyone else’s (since they have a “school” school bag) I made her, Stephen and their cousin a cute little bag tag.

tags on the school and library bag

front of tag

back of tag

I will make a set of two custom bag-tags for two winners. I can make tags for boys or girls, and the giveaway is open internationally. All you need to do is leave a comment with a back-to-school tip or hint. Giveaway ends at midnight on the Sunday 19th August at midnight. Goodluck!!

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